Multimedia Class- Round 2

This round, I missed most of the multimedia class because I was on trip for my exploration which is my learning project. However, I got to learned about digital storytelling and the types of it such as photo essay, animation, audio, video, statistic or data, documentary and many more. We did an activities related to this which we had assigned group to look at some video and guess what kind of digital storytelling is this and how did the creator tell the story. This was really fun.

Below is a quote about story that the teacher told us and I really love it:

This quote is that it has inspired me and really tell me about how powerful the story is.

We also learned about the Pixar storytelling which I think is a really helpful structure for me to write story. As i am a person who doesn’t like writing, however, I really love writing follow this structure.

This is my Pixar story structure:

Besides that, we learned the basic of videography such as how to use a shotgun microphone, lavalier microphone, trypod, type of shots and how to take a good video. Overall, this was a really great round, and I actually learned a lot, even though I’ve missed some classes.

Stem Class- Round 1

This round in Stem class, the main topic that we are focusing on is Physical science, which is the study about matter and energy that includes chemistry and physics. We had studied about matters, type of matters, physical and chemical change in mater and atoms. Ck 12 is one of the major resource that we used to learn Stem. However, sometimes we learned from video and we usually try to research and learn more from the internet and make a presentation to share with the classmate. The reason that we did this because we could have a better understanding of the concept by not just sitting and listening to the teacher. In Stem class, there are many things that we don’t know and wondering about. So, one thing that I like the most in this class is that I and classmate always asked a lot of questions which I’ve learned more from mine and I actually learned more from their questions. Moreover, I like the way that teacher started class with asking some questions about what we ‘ve learned yesterday just a review of the lesson. I like this idea so much because it makes me feel good and involve and it reminds me of the lessons before class start.

Literacy Class- Round 1

For literacy class, I think it’s a huge and busy class because it covers many sub-subject such as reading, writing, listening and more. For this round, we always did the affirmation every day before class start because we want to get more energetic and to have positive thoughts and attitude. We learn Greek and Latin root words which we got distributed as a paper packet once a week that includes ten words and some exercises about those words. Some of the words


 I had known before and some are not, but mostly not. We had this every week and had test after learning a packet. From this, I had learned many new vocabularies. we also read many articles and answer the questions about the gods of the days, the black death, Shakespeare and his exhibition, Gandhi, the memories and poison. We read these article from many online websites such as Read work and Newsela and also from books. Moreover, we did some writing about where is water on Earth, personal narrative and cinquain poem which is a poem that doesn’t require to be rhyme and it was really cool. We also did they hyper docs about poison article which is a doc with more resources and activities for learning and in this, I have learned many about story or movie such as about theme, symbolism, story elements, climax, the point of view, and mood/tone. Overall, I had taken away many things in the class such as new vocabulary, some events or history and the biography of the famous people as well as the most memorable people throughout the world and what was their action to make them earn a lot of respect or people can never forget about them. In addition, I am very satisfied with all the resources that the teacher had been working so hard to provide us.






Multimedia Class- Round 1

Multimedia class is a new class for this year. So, for this round, we learned about research skill and research method in order to do research effectively. we also learned about the basic skill of Adobe software such as Indesign Photoshop, Lightroom which was taught by our friends who knows about these software and that including me. I had given the lesson of Adobe Indesign to my classmate because I know much about this software and I had used it a lot in my exploration. I felt so happy and proud of my self with sharing my knowledge about to them, helping them with their struggles and I learned more about other software from them. After finishing all of these software, our assignment is to create a poster in Indesign that include the research questions and apply what we’ve learned about those software from our classmate to make this poster. I think this is a great idea to know how much we had learned about all these software. Also, We learned the basic about program, algorithm, divide and conquer algorithm and pseudocode. In addition, during in class, we also had fun activities and game that related to the lesson which enjoyed it so much and gain more knowledge.

This is my poster



Khmer Class- Round 1

Since we started a new school year ( 2018-2019) for the first week we had a workshop about networking which we had been assigned to be one of the successful entrepreneurs and learned how to network with other entrepreneurs, share our business and how to give or exchange the business card. So, In Khmer class, we have learned some behavior and networking skills such as smiling, which is how you wanna smile to the other entrepreneurs, speaking, how you speak with others, not talking or asking about their personal things and what action that we should avoid for example when you coughed, you have to turn away to respect them and not playing or doing the mouth follow what they had said. Also, we learned about standing, how you would stand with the others, not too straight like a soldier or not playing with legs while talking or listening. And we have learned many more skills about this. I felt so happy to take this lessons and it is so important and necessary in our life. Not only this, we also learned how to interview effectively and the teacher divided us into a group of 4 and make a role play of interviewing people. Many groups chose to act a good model interview, however, my team wants to be different, so we act the bad model interview.  After this, we just learn about writing the different type of Khmer poems and have to pick some types and write about the moral poem. And since this week we just write poems for the rest of the weeks. For this seven-week, I had learned so much and also had fun at the same time.

Here is the example of my poem:

                   អ្នកស្រុកស្រែ    ( បទព្រហ្មគីតិ)

ជីវិតអ្នកស្រុកស្រែ                       ខ្វះការចែទាំដិតដល់

តែងតែមានកង្វល់                    តែងនឹកដល់រឿងប្រាក់កាក់។

ចំណែកឯជម្រក                         គ្មានល្អជ្រកឬក៏ស្នាក់

មានត្រឹមខ្ទមបែកបាក់           ខ្ទមប្រឡាក់ឥតវិញ្ញាណ។

ត្បិតកូនក្រមែនពិត                 កូនមិនគិតមិនចង់មាន

ឲ្យតែកូនបានរៀន                    បានសង់ស្ពាននៃជីវិត។

ទោះកើតជាអ្នកស្រែ                 មិនគិតកែប្រែចរិត

ឲ្យខុសពីការពិត                        ព្រោះចង់ស្និទ្ធិនឹងអ្នកមាន។

ទោះកូនមានស្បែកខ្មៅ           សំបកក្រៅរកសគ្មាន

តែម្ដាយកូនទូន្មាន                  កំុខ្មាសអៀននឹងកំណើត។

សម្ផស្សកូនអបល័ក្ខណ៍            កាយប្រឡាក់ដូចសំុទាន

គេតែងតែបៀតបៀន            និងបំពានលើរូបខ្ញុំ។

ប៉ុន្តែកូនមិនខ្វល់                     មិនបន្សល់ក្នុងឱរា

ដែលធ្វើឲ្យឈឺផ្សា                       អាចប្រហារដល់ការរៀន។

តាំងចិត្តធ្វើមេរៀន                 អ្វីដែលគ្រូបានបង្រៀន

នៅឯក្រោមភ្លើងទៀន          ទោះអត់ឃ្លានយ៉ាងណាក្ដី។

មានបាយ១ពំនូក                   ខ្ចប់ស្លឹកឈូកយកទៅស្រែ

យកសៀវភៅទៅដែរ               ទោះមិនក្បែរមិនដែលភ្លេច។

នេះហើយអ្នកស្រុកស្រែ           ជីវិតត្រឹមតែប៉ុណ្ណឹង

ប៉ុន្តែតែងរឹងបុឹង                     មិនទន្ទឹងចាំជំនួយ។


Math Class- Round 1

Over the past 5 weeks, In math class, we continued learning the 5A Primary Math textbook and workbook (a Singapore math book) which we had just finished the 4B book before the break. We had finished 3 units of the book and started learning unit 4. We learned about the distribution of property, factor, learn about different ways of finding prime factorization and how to write using exponent. we also learned the order of operation, estimating the value and get a little introduction to algebra. Not only this, we learned about fraction, how to evaluate the expression such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, included simplification. We usually work on exercises in groups because the teacher wants us to collaborate with each other to solve the problems and explain each other because math is one of the difficult subjects. Besides learning from the book, the teacher also assigned us to do the assignment in Khan Academy which is a website for learning several subjects such as math, science, Khmer and more. The purpose of doing this is to learn more and get more practice and if we struggle, we can always watch the video and learn from this website. When there is time left in class, we usually do some online activities such as puzzle, sudoku, and other online games that related to math or the lessons that we had learned. So, these are what we had learned during this past 5 weeks and I enjoyed learning math so much and it is my most beloved subject.