Multimedia Class- Round 2

This round, I missed most of the multimedia class because I was on trip for my exploration which is my learning project. However, I got to learned about digital storytelling and the types of it such as photo essay, animation, audio, video, statistic or data, documentary and many more. We did an activities related to this which we had assigned group to look at some video and guess what kind of digital storytelling is this and how did the creator tell the story. This was really fun.

Below is a quote about story that the teacher told us and I really love it:

This quote is that it has inspired me and really tell me about how powerful the story is.

We also learned about the Pixar storytelling which I think is a really helpful structure for me to write story. As i am a person who doesn’t like writing, however, I really love writing follow this structure.

This is my Pixar story structure:

Besides that, we learned the basic of videography such as how to use a shotgun microphone, lavalier microphone, trypod, type of shots and how to take a good video. Overall, this was a really great round, and I actually learned a lot, even though I’ve missed some classes.

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