Math Class- Round 2

In math class, this round, we continued doing the exercise in the textbook and workbook and did many more activities. Mostly, in this round we learned about Geometry. That’s include the area of all polygons, such as rectangle, square, ​​​​triangle, the height and base of triangle and also finding the area of the shaded part and the surface area, including cube, prism, rectangular, triangular and more. Along with that, we also did some puzzle about this. Beside, we also learned more about fraction, multiplication and division by whole number and mix number and also word problems. After that, we’ve learned about Ratio which is the last lesson of the textbook. In this lesson, i’ve learned about the fact that i didn’t know before, first i confused that ratio is the exact numbers of the amount of something, but it’s not like that because it can be simply into its simplest form. I found that this lesson is very fun and very helpful in our life. And this is the last round of studying the 5A textbook and we will continue to the next textbook which is 5B in the next round. I’m very excited about this! Also, we learned and did some coding about algebra in the web site. And here what’s it look like!

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