Editing Video and Photo Project!

Mostly, in multimedia class this round, we studied about Premium pro and work independently on our project. I made a 1 minute video about my Khmer New Year holiday and through this, I can tell people about what I did during my holiday without saying a word. While editing the video, I was struggling with exporting which it wasn’t turned out in a full frame. Also, I had a problem with fading out the music because I didn’t know how to do it. However, after seeking help from my friends, I could overcome those obstacles.

At the end of the round, we were required to choose a project or skill that we wanted to work on and I chose to work on editing some effects on Photoshop. First, I was thinking to work on the project that is related to one of the Adobe software because I want to practice doing more of those. After that, I thought I really like to photoshop pictures and when my teacher showed the class an example of effects that we could edit in Photoshop, it actually grabbed my attention. Then I started to think of some cool effects that we could edit in Photoshop and that was Water Splash effect. That’s how I got started with my project. While working on this project, what I found it hard was that I really had to be patient while editing this kind of effect because I had to edit the little details and some part, I even have to zoom in closer in order to edit this picture as realistic as I could. I used YouTube as my mentor for this project.

As a conclusion, this round is one of my favorite rounds and I enjoyed editing the video and picture that I had edited even though, I was struggling at some points. I’ll take it as a learning experience and do better next time.

Below are the products that I’ve made, Enjoy!

This is my first photoshopped picture!
This is my second photoshopped picture!
This is the extra one!


Multimedia – Round 4

In multimedia class this round is almost the same as last round because we’re still learning about Python programming language. However, this round we’ve did many exercise in CodeClub. In all of those exercises, I didn’t have much problems with writing the code because the code had been provided already and I can just follow the instruction that they provided. For me, It doesn’t matter if i can write all of those codes by myself or not but my goal is to just understand all of the codes and see how much did I learn from it. For example, I’ve did the RPG assignment and there are many code that provided for me already and i just have to follow the instruction and try to understand those codes. Though, it was hard to understand at the first time as it was so messy, i tried to look through it one by one with patient. When, it comes to the place that i didn’t  know or struggling to understand, i always asked my friends because this is an independent work. So, there was no teacher and I have to learned, figure out things by myself and use the resources that I have. From this exercise, I’ve learned that next time when I open the code and see many code like this exercise, I won’t be so stress and get confuse by that, I have to look at it slowly and try to understand one by one or else i will run into the problems. Overall, this round had taught me a lot, not only coding skill or lessons but also some life skills that i would need in the future.

Multimedia- Round 3

 For the past weeks, we started learning deeply into programming, we took a lesson on “Python” which is a type of programming language and the conditions. In the first week of the round, we Learned about Python’s simple Conditionals such as Booleans, Comparisons, Indentation, If statement, Elif statement, Else statement, And, Or, Not. After that, we learned more deeply into Python For loop which is Break Statement, Continue Statement and range function. First, I felt that it’s fun, simple and not that hard, however, as we go further I didn’t feel like that anymore because it went harder and harder than it was. As we learned more conditions, there are more lines of code that we have to write. Also, it’s more difficult, sometimes, It took me so much time and I still couldn’t solve it and I felt so stressed. However, I still get through it because the teacher help explained as well as my friend. Even though it’s hard but at the same time, I found that I’ve learned a lot. Also, we practice on Codecademy whenever we finished having a lesson about it and we have assignments on Codeboard every week. To sum up, this has been a great and tough round also.

Multimedia Class- Round 2

This round, I missed most of the multimedia class because I was on trip for my exploration which is my learning project. However, I got to learned about digital storytelling and the types of it such as photo essay, animation, audio, video, statistic or data, documentary and many more. We did an activities related to this which we had assigned group to look at some video and guess what kind of digital storytelling is this and how did the creator tell the story. This was really fun.

Below is a quote about story that the teacher told us and I really love it:

This quote is that it has inspired me and really tell me about how powerful the story is.

We also learned about the Pixar storytelling which I think is a really helpful structure for me to write story. As i am a person who doesn’t like writing, however, I really love writing follow this structure.

This is my Pixar story structure:

Besides that, we learned the basic of videography such as how to use a shotgun microphone, lavalier microphone, trypod, type of shots and how to take a good video. Overall, this was a really great round, and I actually learned a lot, even though I’ve missed some classes.

Multimedia Class- Round 1

Multimedia class is a new class for this year. So, for this round, we learned about research skill and research method in order to do research effectively. we also learned about the basic skill of Adobe software such as Indesign Photoshop, Lightroom which was taught by our friends who knows about these software and that including me. I had given the lesson of Adobe Indesign to my classmate because I know much about this software and I had used it a lot in my exploration. I felt so happy and proud of my self with sharing my knowledge about to them, helping them with their struggles and I learned more about other software from them. After finishing all of these software, our assignment is to create a poster in Indesign that include the research questions and apply what we’ve learned about those software from our classmate to make this poster. I think this is a great idea to know how much we had learned about all these software. Also, We learned the basic about program, algorithm, divide and conquer algorithm and pseudocode. In addition, during in class, we also had fun activities and game that related to the lesson which enjoyed it so much and gain more knowledge.

This is my poster