“Fully Algebra!”

Math Class: This is our first round of math class for this NEW school year! And still, Math is always my most favorite subject out of all. However, this year is a little bit different from last year. We are now fully covering lesson on Algebra for this entire year. This might seems a bit difficult and frustrating, however, I really love it.
Studying Algebra is very challenging and that’s what really push myself to try harder and to even think more critically. Also, mostly, we learn and do exercise independently in Khan Academy . If we are curious about any lessons, we’ll discuss it with teacher as a whole class. However, as I’m a person who love independent studying, so when sometimes teacher talk too much, it kind of feel boring. Even though, I like to work independently, however, this class has taught me to work and collaborate more with my classmates. Whenever, we have challenge problems, we’re always trying to solve for that together. Working as a team is splendid, but also being able to understand how to do it individually even when we’re working in team is what matters me most.
Lastly, this year’s math class is totally different from last year and I can’t criticize any teachers who teach this because they both have their own uniqueness and I’m desire to learn more New things, take on New Challenges and develop many skills throughout the year!

Learning is never easy at first until you’ve practiced more than twice! (Rate,Coordinate graph, Introduction to Algebra)

This round, we finally finished 5B textbook and I’m totally excited to learn new book. We had covered two big units which are Rate, Algebra and Coordinate graph. I felt like this round was kind of tough because it’s the end of the year and we had many things going on. These units made me felt really headache sometimes. Rate unit is the unit that I had struggled the most as it’s so tricky and there are many units. Sometimes I didn’t really get it but I tried to understand it by myself. So,after practicing some exercises, I understood and learned more from my mistakes. This happened the same thing like coordinate graph unit. The last unit that we had covered this year was the introduction to algebra because next year we’ll deeper into algebra. In addition, it’s one of the units that uses many strategies and techniques and it’s a mix letter math unit. To me, when I first introduced to algebra, i felt that it’s difficult but after practicing many exercises I realized that it’s now my favorite unit to learn. “No matter how many times you’ll learn, the best consequences you’ll get is to PRACTICE!”. 

Math – Round 4

Math class is almost the same as every round except this round, we started learning both 6A and 6B book combine together because we’re higher now. This round, the 4 main lessons that we had took in class is volume & words problem, data analysis, percentages and angles. While studying the data analysis lesson, we had a project in team called Data Collection which we chose a topic to research and survey to collect all the data and input into the graph. After that, we wrote a report about this study. To me, I feel like percentages is the hardest amongst these four lessons because it kinds of tricky and as you know that we always have assignments in Khan academy, so once I did the word problems in the Khan academy, it was a little tricky that it took me more time to finish those assignments. However I can overcome those problems and be able to explain my friends which make me feel so proud and impress. Also, help explaining other people makes me feel so happy when they understand the problems and this also inspired me to keep enjoying learning math. So the last lesson that we had for this round is angles and I feel this is not really difficult for me because I had learned many times before.

Math- Round 3

Math is always been my favorite class. In this round, we received a new workbook which is 5B. So far, I’ve been learning about the Decimal chapter, including, converting from fraction to decimal, from decimal to fraction, round the decimal, estimate the value and last the four operations which are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Besides that, we took a lesson on the binary number as well because it related to decimal. I’ve known about the binary number a little bit before as the teacher had introduced us since the first year at Liger. We did some group activities about this lesson and also played a game about it which was so fun. No matter we received a new book, started a new round, but we still did exercises in a group and besides that, we did some old and new group activities as usual. The reason is that as you all know that collaboration and teamwork is the important skill of our future. I think that’s all we’ve learned in math class this round, and I feel like this round seems too short as we didn’t get to learned much lessons.


Math Class- Round 2

In math class, this round, we continued doing the exercise in the textbook and workbook and did many more activities. Mostly, in this round we learned about Geometry. That’s include the area of all polygons, such as rectangle, square, ​​​​triangle, the height and base of triangle and also finding the area of the shaded part and the surface area, including cube, prism, rectangular, triangular and more. Along with that, we also did some puzzle about this. Beside, we also learned more about fraction, multiplication and division by whole number and mix number and also word problems. After that, we’ve learned about Ratio which is the last lesson of the textbook. In this lesson, i’ve learned about the fact that i didn’t know before, first i confused that ratio is the exact numbers of the amount of something, but it’s not like that because it can be simply into its simplest form. I found that this lesson is very fun and very helpful in our life. And this is the last round of studying the 5A textbook and we will continue to the next textbook which is 5B in the next round. I’m very excited about this! Also, we learned and did some coding about algebra in the code.org web site. And here what’s it look like!

Math Class- Round 1

Over the past 5 weeks, In math class, we continued learning the 5A Primary Math textbook and workbook (a Singapore math book) which we had just finished the 4B book before the break. We had finished 3 units of the book and started learning unit 4. We learned about the distribution of property, factor, learn about different ways of finding prime factorization and how to write using exponent. we also learned the order of operation, estimating the value and get a little introduction to algebra. Not only this, we learned about fraction, how to evaluate the expression such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, included simplification. We usually work on exercises in groups because the teacher wants us to collaborate with each other to solve the problems and explain each other because math is one of the difficult subjects. Besides learning from the book, the teacher also assigned us to do the assignment in Khan Academy which is a website for learning several subjects such as math, science, Khmer and more. The purpose of doing this is to learn more and get more practice and if we struggle, we can always watch the video and learn from this website. When there is time left in class, we usually do some online activities such as puzzle, sudoku, and other online games that related to math or the lessons that we had learned. So, these are what we had learned during this past 5 weeks and I enjoyed learning math so much and it is my most beloved subject.