English Literacy Class: Analysis of a Song

                                        ” Fake Happy” 

     “Fake Happy” is a song by Paramore band which has written directed to all the people that are Fake happy, who are pretending to be happy while they’re not, particularly, people that have some sort of mental illness. This song is mainly about people that are trying to act like they’re completely fine and happy just for the world to see that think of them in this way. However, we never know that they’re deeply hurting inside, having to handle all these sadness and depression lies underneath that. Moreover, in this song, the lyricist might have faced some struggles having a hard time to get through, therefore, she was trying to mask her sadness, pretends to smile, while in reality, she’s not.

      In the beginning, the lyricist mentions that she loves making everyone believe that she’s alright and that what we understand her is only what we see. However, based on this phraseI been doing a good job of makin”em think I’m quite alright” , shows that, over the course of the song, she starts revealing herself faking being alright, and so she’s trying to express her true feelings through this song. As the song goes on, she’s trying to relate herself with the audience which makes them feel that they’re not alone. Furthermore, to make the song more compelling, the lyricist also inserted some figurative language, for example, “You see its easy when I’m stomping on a beat, But no one sees me when I crawl back underneath. With this phrase, the lyricist wants to indicate that people only see the outside of her, they’re assuming that she’s strong, brave and she’s alright, yet they don’t understand how weak and desperate she is, and how lonely and downhearted she feels.  

     In this song, the lyricist has used specific word choice which makes the song more powerful, specifically, “mascara tears”. “Mascara” is a cosmetic that is used to thicken and darken the eyelashes and it’s used for beauty purpose. However, in this case,“Mascara tears” indicates all of her sadness that she feels and that she’s hurting. Therefore, In my opinion, this word choice is really interesting and thought provoking since it makes the audience understand deeper about all the sadness feeling that stays inside her. Let’s Imagine how strong did she cry until her eyes become this mess and does she want people to see her face that is full of ugly mascara tears? Overall, I think The tone of the music, however, is completely different from the tone of the lyrics. At first, the music sets the tone of gloomy and depressed and it changed to a pop rock music and cheerful tone throughout the song. Though, what the lyrics actually gives is the tone of sadness, distressed, touched in which I think is really powerful. 

     The author’s purpose of writing this song is to let the audience feel the pain of the people who have mental illness and think carefully about how they really feel. Sometimes, people don’t want to be fake happy, but it’s because they can’t express their feelings and they think that no one will understand how they truly feel. The message that the author is trying to convey here is that by pretending to be perfectly fine, people tend to think that it would be better for them, Consequently, without being honest to ourselves and others and without the help from the society, nothing can be done, so we will not get this weight off their minds. 

     As a conclusion, this is a really amazing and fascinating song since it is illustrating that sometimes, when we see people from the outside, we always assume that they are happy and fine. Though, it doesn’t mean that they’re really alright. Sometimes, people tend to fake being happy since they don’t want themselves to be hurt. However, everyone has to be honest with their feelings and are able to share this with the surroundings. Hiding the true feelings from others, including friends, family and society won’t help anything. Moreover, we, as a whole community, have to play an important role in making them feel safe sharing about their true feelings with us. 

“Creating Books For Cambodian Children!”- Khmer Children’s Literature Exploration

What have we been doing in this exploration?
Well, Khmer Children Literature is an exploration which we create books for young Cambodian children that consists of both Khmer and English language. The reason this exploration  happen is because we believe that reading at a younger ages will get many advantages and it would has a greater influence on children. By the end of this exploration, we hope these books that we’ve created create a positive impact on young Cambodian children. We’re planning to publish 6 books within this round which incorporate 6 different core values each because we think that just having the book entertaining is not good enough unless it contains a theme or message along with.
I’m so grateful to be part of this exploration as I get to publish children book which is rarely have in Cambodia. Also, designing book is what I’m really passionate about and i’m trying all my best to produce this book with a good quality. What I’m really proud of by participating in this exploration is that Cambodia lack of books for children, that’s why we would like to create young children books for them and hope to change the parents perspective of reading books to their children at young ages. Promote parents to read books to their children at younger ages.
What are the challenges in creating this book?
At first, I assumed that creating books for children is not going to be that difficult, well it is not as complex as adult books however the biggest challenge is the illustration part. We spent the first 2 weeks on brainstorming and writing and the rest of the entire round on illustrating. However, it didn’t seem bored at all. 

“Fully Algebra!”

Math Class: This is our first round of math class for this NEW school year! And still, Math is always my most favorite subject out of all. However, this year is a little bit different from last year. We are now fully covering lesson on Algebra for this entire year. This might seems a bit difficult and frustrating, however, I really love it.
Studying Algebra is very challenging and that’s what really push myself to try harder and to even think more critically. Also, mostly, we learn and do exercise independently in Khan Academy . If we are curious about any lessons, we’ll discuss it with teacher as a whole class. However, as I’m a person who love independent studying, so when sometimes teacher talk too much, it kind of feel boring. Even though, I like to work independently, however, this class has taught me to work and collaborate more with my classmates. Whenever, we have challenge problems, we’re always trying to solve for that together. Working as a team is splendid, but also being able to understand how to do it individually even when we’re working in team is what matters me most.
Lastly, this year’s math class is totally different from last year and I can’t criticize any teachers who teach this because they both have their own uniqueness and I’m desire to learn more New things, take on New Challenges and develop many skills throughout the year!

Ecotourism Exploration

       Community Based Ecotourism exploration have been happening for two rounds already and I’ve involved in this exploration in the second round. In this exploration, we studied about what CBET is and the goal is to develop a CBET site in Kui Indigenous community in Bankernphal Village, Romtom Commune, Rovieng District, Preah Vihear Province. Actually, this idea comes from Indigenous exploration that studied about Kui indigenous community since the round before that. 

       In the first round of this exploration, we were more focused on the market survey which we went out to different places in Phnom Penh to survey visitors, mostly foreigners, whether they would want to visit our sites or not. So far, we have surveyed 255 tourists and the results that we got is 97% of them would want to visit our place if it happen. For the second round, we focused on feasibility study whether the place is feasible to be developed as a community based ecotourism. To study this, we took a 5 days and 4 nights trip to the community and we mostly camped in the forest since we needed to assess several places in the forest. After assessing all of the places, the result that we got is the place is feasible to be developed as a CBET. 

     As a conclusion, learning and exploring about Community Based Ecotourism was splendid and I got to spend time in nature more than other explorations and I can say it’s an amazing adventure. In addition, this exploration play a role in providing a positive impact on the community such as conserving forest and wildlife and providing income to the community so that they would have a higher living standard. Not only this, it will influence over 800 people. 

First experience Writing a HOW TO Essay and Taking my second WIDA Test!

     In english literacy class this round, is when we took our second WIDA test. I’m really proud of my result and it showed how much improvement I’ve growth since last year. I discovered many new words. As always, we did some writing and study novel book. After we finished, we shared what we’ve learned to the classmates. For the writing, the topic this round is How to be happy when… (How To Essay). Below is my How to essay and I hope you’ll learn new things after reading this, Please enjoy!

                               How to be happy when you experience failure

      Who has never experienced failure in their entire life? The answer is “No one”. Failure is something that everyone faces in their lifetime. When you fail, you might feel sad and feel down and sometimes, you don’t even know how you can respond to that problem. However, remember that failure is not the thing that will define who you are or determine your future, like once Bill Gates said “ I fail in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of the Microsoft”.This quote shows that even though you don’t pass in all of the subjects in the exam, it isn’t going to determine your future, like this owner of Microsoft. As the matter of fact, failures has a diversity of benefits but it’s just that you didn’t recognize it. According to wisebread.com listed 7 benefits of failure and one of those is “Failure Inspires Creative Solutions”, Which I​​ ​​​​​truly agree with this statement because as you’ve experience failure, you’ll be inspired to find a more creative solution to the problem that you had faced. Below are the steps that you can follow in order to be happy when you experience failure 

  1. Consider it as an experience : According to WikiHow, it states, “ Try to consider it a learning experiences.” which means that If you fail, it’s not your fault just because it’s an experience for you to develop and improve yourself in the next day. Just learn from your fault, see how you can improve and do better next time. Imagine, if you won’t fail today, you won’t challenge yourself to be better in the future. 
  2. Share it to people who you trust : In this way, you can share it with people that you trust because this will help to release your stress, your sadness. Sometimes, they might give you good ideas or can share your sadness. Just remember that don’t try to keep many things to yourself if you think you can’t handle it.
  3. Accept your mistake : Always try to figure out your mistakes and learn to accept it with an open heart or else you’ll never feel happy about it, you’ll never accept that you’re wrong and you won’t work hard on improving yourself. Moreover, when you’ve found out about what is your mistake and why you’re wrong, ask yourself a question “ how can I improve it and do better next time? ”  I believe that this will make you feel happier. 
  4. Be optimistic : Think positively and appreciate of your fault today because it might be the path that leads you to success. Otherwise, you won’t challenge yourself to be better. Also, remember that no one is perfect even the professors or the founders of big companies, but once they fail, they learn from all those mistakes and ask themselves that how can they make it better next time. 


     As you’ve read all the steps above, you might feel that it’s hard to follow and it’s too much to do. However, I’ve tried this and it’s really effective. I guarantee that you’ll be happier with your failure after practicing all these steps. Remember that failing is okay and by failing, you’ll acquire the new experiences and gain the advantages from them.  If you fail today, it doesn’t mean that you’ll fail tomorrow! 


Khmer Literature And Culture Festival

On May 24th, our school was hosting a big event called Khmer Literature and Culture festival which the goal is to preserve and share about Khmer literature and Khmer culture to different people and students in Cambodia. Not only Cambodian people but also foreigners could join and learn about our culture. There were many participants from different schools in Phnom Penh and outside of Phnom Penh. on that day, both the first and second cohort involved in this event and there were many booth present in differents places. They were about literature during Khmer Rouge regime, Khmer traditional gears, Khmer songs, Khmer literature history and more. There were also some competitions, including writing Khmer short story, Khmer poem, doing debate and public speaking in Khmer. Along with this, there were some performances such as Khmer Dances and what was really interesting is that there was also a Khmer Clothes Revolution fashion walk showed by both cohorts. For me, I took part as a booth presenter for Geography book of Cambodia and help the first cohort to organize the event as they were the main committee for organizing the event. Overall, I think this is such a great event for other Cambodians to continue keep doing since it’s an event to share the knowledge about Khmer literature and culture to other people as well as preserving this for the next generation to know about our culture. Also, this is an amazing experience for me to learn from and try to make it happening again in the future. I hope that after joining the event, the students will walk away with getting new experiences and learn something new too.

Learning is never easy at first until you’ve practiced more than twice! (Rate,Coordinate graph, Introduction to Algebra)

This round, we finally finished 5B textbook and I’m totally excited to learn new book. We had covered two big units which are Rate, Algebra and Coordinate graph. I felt like this round was kind of tough because it’s the end of the year and we had many things going on. These units made me felt really headache sometimes. Rate unit is the unit that I had struggled the most as it’s so tricky and there are many units. Sometimes I didn’t really get it but I tried to understand it by myself. So,after practicing some exercises, I understood and learned more from my mistakes. This happened the same thing like coordinate graph unit. The last unit that we had covered this year was the introduction to algebra because next year we’ll deeper into algebra. In addition, it’s one of the units that uses many strategies and techniques and it’s a mix letter math unit. To me, when I first introduced to algebra, i felt that it’s difficult but after practicing many exercises I realized that it’s now my favorite unit to learn. “No matter how many times you’ll learn, the best consequences you’ll get is to PRACTICE!”. 

First Introduction to Newton’s law

This round is the last STEM class of the year. I’ve been working really hard to finish the year productively. We’ve covered the main lesson on chemistry of carbon, chemistry of solution, Motion, Newton’s law, fluid forces, Work and Machine and Introduction to Energy.  We learned about Newton’s first law which is about inertia, second law which is about speed and acceleration and the third law which is about applying the same pressure will get the same outcome. We mostly read and ask & answer questions as usual. To get more ideas of what they are, we always used CK12 as our resources. 

Out of all these lessons, Newton’s law lesson took my attention the most as it’s new to me and I feel that really related to our real life. Also, while learning this lesson, I could imagine the situations that it had actually happened to me and apply it into my real life. To understand more about the concept of pressure, we also did the egg experiment related to pressure. This experiment was really surprised me because it was so amazing and it’s completely new to me. Overall, this round was fabulous and it ended the year productively. 

Editing Video and Photo Project!

Mostly, in multimedia class this round, we studied about Premium pro and work independently on our project. I made a 1 minute video about my Khmer New Year holiday and through this, I can tell people about what I did during my holiday without saying a word. While editing the video, I was struggling with exporting which it wasn’t turned out in a full frame. Also, I had a problem with fading out the music because I didn’t know how to do it. However, after seeking help from my friends, I could overcome those obstacles.

At the end of the round, we were required to choose a project or skill that we wanted to work on and I chose to work on editing some effects on Photoshop. First, I was thinking to work on the project that is related to one of the Adobe software because I want to practice doing more of those. After that, I thought I really like to photoshop pictures and when my teacher showed the class an example of effects that we could edit in Photoshop, it actually grabbed my attention. Then I started to think of some cool effects that we could edit in Photoshop and that was Water Splash effect. That’s how I got started with my project. While working on this project, what I found it hard was that I really had to be patient while editing this kind of effect because I had to edit the little details and some part, I even have to zoom in closer in order to edit this picture as realistic as I could. I used YouTube as my mentor for this project.

As a conclusion, this round is one of my favorite rounds and I enjoyed editing the video and picture that I had edited even though, I was struggling at some points. I’ll take it as a learning experience and do better next time.

Below are the products that I’ve made, Enjoy!

This is my first photoshopped picture!
This is my second photoshopped picture!
This is the extra one!


Khmer Literacy – Round 4

       នៅក្នុងថ្នាក់ខ្មែរក្នុងជុំនេះ ពួកយើងបានសិក្សាស្រាវជ្រាវទៅលើប្រធានបទផ្សេងៗ​ដូចជា អក្សរសាស្រ្តខ្មែរ ភាសា បណ្ដាំរបស់បណ្ឌិតធនញ្ជ័យ និងប្រទេសខ្មែរ ប្រាសាទ និងកោះ មួយចំនួនដែលបានបាត់បង់ទៅប្រទេសថៃ និងប្រទេសវៀតណាម ។ បន្ទាប់មកពួកយើងក៏បានចែករំលែកចំណេះដឹងទាំងនេះ តាមរយៈការធ្វើបទបង្ហាញ ។ ខ្ញុំមានអារម្មណ៍ថា ខ្ញុំបានសិក្សាអ្វីថ្មីៗជាច្រើន និង​បាន​ដឹងព័ត៌មានជាច្រើនអំពីខេត្ត កោះ និងប្រាសាទដែលខ្មែរយើងបានបាត់បង់មួយចំនួនធំ ។​ នេះគឺជាអ្វីដែលកូនខ្មែរគ្រប់រូប ត្រូវរៀនស្វែងយល់អំពីប្រវត្តិសាស្ត្រ និងប្រទេសរបស់ខ្លួន ។ ហើយខ្ញុំក៏មានមោទនភាពដែលបានដឹងអំពីប្រវត្តិសាស្ត្ររបស់ប្រទេសខ្លួនទាំងនេះ ។ ជាចុងក្រោយខ្ញុំសន្យាថា ខ្ញុំនឹងខំប្រឹងជួយរក្សាខេត្តខ្មែរដែលនៅសេសសល់អោយបានគង់វង្សយូរអង្វេង ។

ចុចនៅលើlinkខាងក្រោមនេះបើសិនជាងអ្នកមានចំណាប់អារម្មណ៍អំពីខេត្តខ្មែរកោះ និងប្រាសាទមួយចំនួន ដែលបានបាត់បង់ទៅអោយប្រទេសវៀតណាម