First Introduction to Newton’s law

This round is the last STEM class of the year. I’ve been working really hard to finish the year productively. We’ve covered the main lesson on chemistry of carbon, chemistry of solution, Motion, Newton’s law, fluid forces, Work and Machine and Introduction to Energy.  We learned about Newton’s first law which is about inertia, second law which is about speed and acceleration and the third law which is about applying the same pressure will get the same outcome. We mostly read and ask & answer questions as usual. To get more ideas of what they are, we always used CK12 as our resources. 

Out of all these lessons, Newton’s law lesson took my attention the most as it’s new to me and I feel that really related to our real life. Also, while learning this lesson, I could imagine the situations that it had actually happened to me and apply it into my real life. To understand more about the concept of pressure, we also did the egg experiment related to pressure. This experiment was really surprised me because it was so amazing and it’s completely new to me. Overall, this round was fabulous and it ended the year productively. 

STEM – Round 4

       Previously, in stem class, we had cover some lessons about chemistry of solution, acid & bases and motion. We’ve made rock candy which is a water solution of sugar and water. However, my team’s rock candy wasn’t successfully created.  After a few days later, when we looked at it again, it didn’t become a rock candy, we fail. I was a little bit disappointed but after we found out about our mistake that we put too much water. I felt better now so that next time i can improve and do better. Along with this, I’ve did many experiments and wrote a lab report as always. Not only this, we had cover a motion lesson and different types of motions such as acceleration, distance and direction. We’ve did an activity which is building a bottle car with balloon to understand more about the concept. From this activity, i’ve learned how that car move and what make it move faster or slower. Overall, this had been a great round and my most favorite part is doing the experiment and i wish i could do more of that.

STEM- Round 3

Basically, in this round, our topic is more related to Chemistry which we learned about Carbon.  In this topic, we learned about the properties of carbon, hydrocarbon, and Carbon & living things which is the Carbon Cycle. I had learned many new terms in the Carbon Cycle which are respiration, combustion and more. During class, we did many activities in groups and what I remembered the most is answering 10 questions about the Carbon Cycle. For all these questions, I thought they’are kind of hard, however, we still did it. Along with this, we also did an experiment called Black Snake Experiment. For this experiment, we only use baking soda and sugar mixture and fuel to ignite the reaction. When the baking soda gets hot, it will produce carbon dioxide which is the black piece like a snake. After we did the experiment, our assignment was to write a lab report for this experiment and this was my first time writing the lab report. Finally, this experiment is fun, simple and I also understand more from this experiment.


Stem Class- Round 2

In stem class, this round, we basically learned about chemistry related to periodic table, chemical bonding, and starting on chemical reactions lesson. We also did some experiments to see how it works. In periodic table lesson, we studied about:

      • how elements are organized,        

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      • The periods and groups
      • The three classic of elements which are metal, metalloid or semifinal and nonmetal.
      • The inventor of the periodic table Dmitri Mendeleev and how he arranged the periodic table and the changes over time.
      • The chemical bonding, which we learned about:
      • The importance of bonding        

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      • Covalent bonding: 
      • Single covalent
      • Double covalent
      • Triple covalent
      • Polar & nonpolar
      • Ionic bonding
      • Metallic bonding




Overall, this round I’ve gain a lot of knowledge mostly about chemistry, the periodic table and chemical bonding.

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Stem Class- Round 1

This round in Stem class, the main topic that we are focusing on is Physical science, which is the study about matter and energy that includes chemistry and physics. We had studied about matters, type of matters, physical and chemical change in mater and atoms. Ck 12 is one of the major resource that we used to learn Stem. However, sometimes we learned from video and we usually try to research and learn more from the internet and make a presentation to share with the classmate. The reason that we did this because we could have a better understanding of the concept by not just sitting and listening to the teacher. In Stem class, there are many things that we don’t know and wondering about. So, one thing that I like the most in this class is that I and classmate always asked a lot of questions which I’ve learned more from mine and I actually learned more from their questions. Moreover, I like the way that teacher started class with asking some questions about what we ‘ve learned yesterday just a review of the lesson. I like this idea so much because it makes me feel good and involve and it reminds me of the lessons before class start.