Stem Class- Round 1

This round in Stem class, the main topic that we are focusing on is Physical science, which is the study about matter and energy that includes chemistry and physics. We had studied about matters, type of matters, physical and chemical change in mater and atoms. Ck 12 is one of the major resource that we used to learn Stem. However, sometimes we learned from video and we usually try to research and learn more from the internet and make a presentation to share with the classmate. The reason that we did this because we could have a better understanding of the concept by not just sitting and listening to the teacher. In Stem class, there are many things that we don’t know and wondering about. So, one thing that I like the most in this class is that I and classmate always asked a lot of questions which I’ve learned more from mine and I actually learned more from their questions. Moreover, I like the way that teacher started class with asking some questions about what we ‘ve learned yesterday just a review of the lesson. I like this idea so much because it makes me feel good and involve and it reminds me of the lessons before class start.

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