Literacy Class- Round 1

For literacy class, I think it’s a huge and busy class because it covers many sub-subject such as reading, writing, listening and more. For this round, we always did the affirmation every day before class start because we want to get more energetic and to have positive thoughts and attitude. We learn Greek and Latin root words which we got distributed as a paper packet once a week that includes ten words and some exercises about those words. Some of the words


 I had known before and some are not, but mostly not. We had this every week and had test after learning a packet. From this, I had learned many new vocabularies. we also read many articles and answer the questions about the gods of the days, the black death, Shakespeare and his exhibition, Gandhi, the memories and poison. We read these article from many online websites such as Read work and Newsela and also from books. Moreover, we did some writing about where is water on Earth, personal narrative and cinquain poem which is a poem that doesn’t require to be rhyme and it was really cool. We also did they hyper docs about poison article which is a doc with more resources and activities for learning and in this, I have learned many about story or movie such as about theme, symbolism, story elements, climax, the point of view, and mood/tone. Overall, I had taken away many things in the class such as new vocabulary, some events or history and the biography of the famous people as well as the most memorable people throughout the world and what was their action to make them earn a lot of respect or people can never forget about them. In addition, I am very satisfied with all the resources that the teacher had been working so hard to provide us.






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