Multimedia Class- Round 1

Multimedia class is a new class for this year. So, for this round, we learned about research skill and research method in order to do research effectively. we also learned about the basic skill of Adobe software such as Indesign Photoshop, Lightroom which was taught by our friends who knows about these software and that including me. I had given the lesson of Adobe Indesign to my classmate because I know much about this software and I had used it a lot in my exploration. I felt so happy and proud of my self with sharing my knowledge about to them, helping them with their struggles and I learned more about other software from them. After finishing all of these software, our assignment is to create a poster in Indesign that include the research questions and apply what we’ve learned about those software from our classmate to make this poster. I think this is a great idea to know how much we had learned about all these software. Also, We learned the basic about program, algorithm, divide and conquer algorithm and pseudocode. In addition, during in class, we also had fun activities and game that related to the lesson which enjoyed it so much and gain more knowledge.

This is my poster



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