Editing Video and Photo Project!

Mostly, in multimedia class this round, we studied about Premium pro and work independently on our project. I made a 1 minute video about my Khmer New Year holiday and through this, I can tell people about what I did during my holiday without saying a word. While editing the video, I was struggling with exporting which it wasn’t turned out in a full frame. Also, I had a problem with fading out the music because I didn’t know how to do it. However, after seeking help from my friends, I could overcome those obstacles.

At the end of the round, we were required to choose a project or skill that we wanted to work on and I chose to work on editing some effects on Photoshop. First, I was thinking to work on the project that is related to one of the Adobe software because I want to practice doing more of those. After that, I thought I really like to photoshop pictures and when my teacher showed the class an example of effects that we could edit in Photoshop, it actually grabbed my attention. Then I started to think of some cool effects that we could edit in Photoshop and that was Water Splash effect. That’s how I got started with my project. While working on this project, what I found it hard was that I really had to be patient while editing this kind of effect because I had to edit the little details and some part, I even have to zoom in closer in order to edit this picture as realistic as I could. I used YouTube as my mentor for this project.

As a conclusion, this round is one of my favorite rounds and I enjoyed editing the video and picture that I had edited even though, I was struggling at some points. I’ll take it as a learning experience and do better next time.

Below are the products that I’ve made, Enjoy!

This is my first photoshopped picture!
This is my second photoshopped picture!
This is the extra one!


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