First Introduction to Newton’s law

This round is the last STEM class of the year. I’ve been working really hard to finish the year productively. We’ve covered the main lesson on chemistry of carbon, chemistry of solution, Motion, Newton’s law, fluid forces, Work and Machine and Introduction to Energy.  We learned about Newton’s first law which is about inertia, second law which is about speed and acceleration and the third law which is about applying the same pressure will get the same outcome. We mostly read and ask & answer questions as usual. To get more ideas of what they are, we always used CK12 as our resources. 

Out of all these lessons, Newton’s law lesson took my attention the most as it’s new to me and I feel that really related to our real life. Also, while learning this lesson, I could imagine the situations that it had actually happened to me and apply it into my real life. To understand more about the concept of pressure, we also did the egg experiment related to pressure. This experiment was really surprised me because it was so amazing and it’s completely new to me. Overall, this round was fabulous and it ended the year productively. 

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