Literacy- Round 3

Each round, we have a different theme for literacy class. This round our theme is Search For Identity. We did some writing, one is about my name that was inspired by Esperanza in “ The House On Mango Street ” book. We wrote about our own name, where is it come from, what is the meaning, do we like it or would we like to change our name and more. Despite, we wrote a poem about “I Am From” which was inspired by George Ella Lyon and this is also her poem’s template. After that, we started studying novel book, which we divided into different teams and read different books. For my group, we read “Looking For Alaska”. This book is kind of mature than my age, however, I will get through it. Not only reading but also we have discussion in group every week on Monday. In the discussion, we also have different roles such as Sumarizeer, Visualizer, Symbolizer, Inferencer and last which is Word detective. Overall, this was a really nice round and reading novel books is also my passion.

Below is my writing that I did this round: 

I am From Poem

My Name

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