“Fully Algebra!”

Math Class: This is our first round of math class for this NEW school year! And still, Math is always my most favorite subject out of all. However, this year is a little bit different from last year. We are now fully covering lesson on Algebra for this entire year. This might seems a bit difficult and frustrating, however, I really love it.
Studying Algebra is very challenging and that’s what really push myself to try harder and to even think more critically. Also, mostly, we learn and do exercise independently in Khan Academy . If we are curious about any lessons, we’ll discuss it with teacher as a whole class. However, as I’m a person who love independent studying, so when sometimes teacher talk too much, it kind of feel boring. Even though, I like to work independently, however, this class has taught me to work and collaborate more with my classmates. Whenever, we have challenge problems, we’re always trying to solve for that together. Working as a team is splendid, but also being able to understand how to do it individually even when we’re working in team is what matters me most.
Lastly, this year’s math class is totally different from last year and I can’t criticize any teachers who teach this because they both have their own uniqueness and I’m desire to learn more New things, take on New Challenges and develop many skills throughout the year!

First Introduction to Newton’s law

This round is the last STEM class of the year. I’ve been working really hard to finish the year productively. We’ve covered the main lesson on chemistry of carbon, chemistry of solution, Motion, Newton’s law, fluid forces, Work and Machine and Introduction to Energy.  We learned about Newton’s first law which is about inertia, second law which is about speed and acceleration and the third law which is about applying the same pressure will get the same outcome. We mostly read and ask & answer questions as usual. To get more ideas of what they are, we always used CK12 as our resources. 

Out of all these lessons, Newton’s law lesson took my attention the most as it’s new to me and I feel that really related to our real life. Also, while learning this lesson, I could imagine the situations that it had actually happened to me and apply it into my real life. To understand more about the concept of pressure, we also did the egg experiment related to pressure. This experiment was really surprised me because it was so amazing and it’s completely new to me. Overall, this round was fabulous and it ended the year productively. 

“How to be happy when you fail the test” Essay


     Who has never failed a test in their entire life? The answer is “no one”. Failing a test is what you all had faced as well as me. When you fail, you might feel sad and feel down and sometimes, you don’t even know how you can respond to that problem. However, remember that it’s not the only test that will define who you are or determine your future, like once Bill Gate say “ I fail in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of the Microsoft”. So this quote shows that even though you don’t pass in all of the subjects in the exam, it isn’t going to determine your future, like this owner of the Microsoft.  So below are the steps that you can follow in order to be happy when you fail the test.

  1. Consider it as an experiences : According to WikiHow, states that “ Try to consider it a learning experiences.” which means that If you fail the test, it’s not your fault just because it’s a learning experience for you to develop and improve yourself in the next day. Just learn from your fault, see how you can improve and do better next time. Imagine, if you won’t fail today, you won’t challenge yourself to be better in the future.
  2. Share it to people who you trust : In this way, you can share it with people that you trust because this will help to release your stress, your sadness. Sometimes, they might give you good ideas or can share your sadness. Just remember that don’t try to keep many things to yourself if you think you can’t handle it.
  3. Accept your mistake : Always try to figure out your mistakes and learn to accept it with an open heart or else you’ll never feel happy about it, you’ll never accept that you’re wrong and you won’t work hard on improving yourself. Moreover, when you’ve found out about what is your mistake and why you’re wrong, ask yourself a question “ how can you improve it and do better next time? ”  I believe that this will make you feel happier.
  4. Be optimistic : Think positively and appreciate of your fault today because it might be the path that leads you to success. Otherwise, you won’t challenge yourself to be better. Also, remember that no one is perfect even the professors or the founders of big companies, but once they fail, they learn from all those mistakes and ask themselves that how can they make it better next time.

     As you’ve read all those steps above, you might feel that it’s hard to follow and it’s too much to do. However, I’ve tried this and it’s really effective. I guarantee that you’ll be happier and enjoy more of your test after practicing all these steps. If you fail this test, it doesn’t mean that you’ll fail the next test!

Reference:  https://www.wikihow.com/Deal-With-a-Bad-Grade

Math Class- Round 2

In math class, this round, we continued doing the exercise in the textbook and workbook and did many more activities. Mostly, in this round we learned about Geometry. That’s include the area of all polygons, such as rectangle, square, ​​​​triangle, the height and base of triangle and also finding the area of the shaded part and the surface area, including cube, prism, rectangular, triangular and more. Along with that, we also did some puzzle about this. Beside, we also learned more about fraction, multiplication and division by whole number and mix number and also word problems. After that, we’ve learned about Ratio which is the last lesson of the textbook. In this lesson, i’ve learned about the fact that i didn’t know before, first i confused that ratio is the exact numbers of the amount of something, but it’s not like that because it can be simply into its simplest form. I found that this lesson is very fun and very helpful in our life. And this is the last round of studying the 5A textbook and we will continue to the next textbook which is 5B in the next round. I’m very excited about this! Also, we learned and did some coding about algebra in the code.org web site. And here what’s it look like!