Geography Exploration- Round 1


A map of Cambodia created in Arc.GIS

Since the last two rounds, We have a project which is creating the geography book of Cambodia. We’ve been working so hard on this book for two years already, including the researching, trips, content, and designing. And this is my third round of designing this book and right now we are on the last stage to get it done and will be published soon. In fact, our dateline supposed to be last year, however, we think that it’s too much text and it’s not attractive for the readers, so we decided to expand the dateline until this ear and working on putting more graphic designs instead of many texts. For this round, we still continue designing the layout for each province, working on graphic designs and also did some content checking again. We use the Adobe Indesign software to create our book. Beside this, we also use more software to create graphic designs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom to edit the pictures. All of the pictures that we put in the book are originally taken by our students. I’ve never known all of these websites before, so I tried to learn on my own, ask my friends or seniors who had used them and learn more from 

ArcGIS Software

internet and youtube. We also took a 3 months courses on learning about the Arc.GIS software which is software for creating maps because we created our own maps to put in the book. When we finished designing and making graphic designs, we have to check the 

            Example of a map put in the book

the book consistency to make sure that it’s consistent with the font, font size, dash, footnote, color tabs and more. After learning this exploration, my knowledge had expanded a lot about the geography of Cambodia and many other software, especially Indesign. Sometimes we had many challenges and feel stressed but I had overcomes those problems by imagining how amazing of young Cambodian children publishing an enormous geography book by themselves and how glad would Cambodian students be by having an incredible source for part of their learning. 






Math Class- Round 1

Over the past 5 weeks, In math class, we continued learning the 5A Primary Math textbook and workbook (a Singapore math book) which we had just finished the 4B book before the break. We had finished 3 units of the book and started learning unit 4. We learned about the distribution of property, factor, learn about different ways of finding prime factorization and how to write using exponent. we also learned the order of operation, estimating the value and get a little introduction to algebra. Not only this, we learned about fraction, how to evaluate the expression such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, included simplification. We usually work on exercises in groups because the teacher wants us to collaborate with each other to solve the problems and explain each other because math is one of the difficult subjects. Besides learning from the book, the teacher also assigned us to do the assignment in Khan Academy which is a website for learning several subjects such as math, science, Khmer and more. The purpose of doing this is to learn more and get more practice and if we struggle, we can always watch the video and learn from this website. When there is time left in class, we usually do some online activities such as puzzle, sudoku, and other online games that related to math or the lessons that we had learned. So, these are what we had learned during this past 5 weeks and I enjoyed learning math so much and it is my most beloved subject.