STEM – Round 4

       Previously, in stem class, we had cover some lessons about chemistry of solution, acid & bases and motion. We’ve made rock candy which is a water solution of sugar and water. However, my team’s rock candy wasn’t successfully created.  After a few days later, when we looked at it again, it didn’t become a rock candy, we fail. I was a little bit disappointed but after we found out about our mistake that we put too much water. I felt better now so that next time i can improve and do better. Along with this, I’ve did many experiments and wrote a lab report as always. Not only this, we had cover a motion lesson and different types of motions such as acceleration, distance and direction. We’ve did an activity which is building a bottle car with balloon to understand more about the concept. From this activity, i’ve learned how that car move and what make it move faster or slower. Overall, this had been a great round and my most favorite part is doing the experiment and i wish i could do more of that.

“How to be happy when you fail the test” Essay


     Who has never failed a test in their entire life? The answer is “no one”. Failing a test is what you all had faced as well as me. When you fail, you might feel sad and feel down and sometimes, you don’t even know how you can respond to that problem. However, remember that it’s not the only test that will define who you are or determine your future, like once Bill Gate say “ I fail in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of the Microsoft”. So this quote shows that even though you don’t pass in all of the subjects in the exam, it isn’t going to determine your future, like this owner of the Microsoft.  So below are the steps that you can follow in order to be happy when you fail the test.

  1. Consider it as an experiences : According to WikiHow, states that “ Try to consider it a learning experiences.” which means that If you fail the test, it’s not your fault just because it’s a learning experience for you to develop and improve yourself in the next day. Just learn from your fault, see how you can improve and do better next time. Imagine, if you won’t fail today, you won’t challenge yourself to be better in the future.
  2. Share it to people who you trust : In this way, you can share it with people that you trust because this will help to release your stress, your sadness. Sometimes, they might give you good ideas or can share your sadness. Just remember that don’t try to keep many things to yourself if you think you can’t handle it.
  3. Accept your mistake : Always try to figure out your mistakes and learn to accept it with an open heart or else you’ll never feel happy about it, you’ll never accept that you’re wrong and you won’t work hard on improving yourself. Moreover, when you’ve found out about what is your mistake and why you’re wrong, ask yourself a question “ how can you improve it and do better next time? ”  I believe that this will make you feel happier.
  4. Be optimistic : Think positively and appreciate of your fault today because it might be the path that leads you to success. Otherwise, you won’t challenge yourself to be better. Also, remember that no one is perfect even the professors or the founders of big companies, but once they fail, they learn from all those mistakes and ask themselves that how can they make it better next time.

     As you’ve read all those steps above, you might feel that it’s hard to follow and it’s too much to do. However, I’ve tried this and it’s really effective. I guarantee that you’ll be happier and enjoy more of your test after practicing all these steps. If you fail this test, it doesn’t mean that you’ll fail the next test!


STEMgineering Exploration – Round 4

What is this Exploration?

STEMgineering is an exploration that studied about engineering, type of engineering and creating STEM project for government students to become interested and excited in STEM because the government school’s curriculum doesn’t include this subject. And the main goal of this exploration.  As we come up with the STEM project ideas that all children all over Cambodia can use, we had to think that the projects have to be sustainable and Cambodia-friendly.

What have we learned about engineer in this exploration?

Before starting this STEM project ideas, we got introduced to engineer, type of engineer and what they do. We started with all of the six simple machines such as wheel and axle, lever, pulley, inclined plane, wedge and screw. To learn about this, we divided into group and research one type of the machine, then we’ll share with our classmate through presentation. We also get to do an activity about this which finding the material with these simple machines in campus and watch many videos related to the topic to understand more about it. After that, we had learned about the Design process which is the series of step that engineer follow to come up with a solution to the problem. After learning and following all these steps, our projects is really effective.

Our STEM project!

Then, we started brainstorming ideas of the projects that we wanna create for the government school. And what i’ve learned about brainstorming ideas is that it’s all about “quantity, not quality”. We we successfully creating and prototyping our projects, we went to two different government schools to showcase our project. The challenge that we face is that it’s hard to get those students engage with our project. However, as we had this experience, we tried to play games with them first to get to know more about each other in our second trip and that was successful. The students learned a lot and they were so excited in STEM. This make me felt so happy and proud and teaching, explaining other people is my favorite thing to do. Overall, i’ve learned much about engineering in this exploration and this was my first engineering class ever.

Math – Round 4

Math class is almost the same as every round except this round, we started learning both 6A and 6B book combine together because we’re higher now. This round, the 4 main lessons that we had took in class is volume & words problem, data analysis, percentages and angles. While studying the data analysis lesson, we had a project in team called Data Collection which we chose a topic to research and survey to collect all the data and input into the graph. After that, we wrote a report about this study. To me, I feel like percentages is the hardest amongst these four lessons because it kinds of tricky and as you know that we always have assignments in Khan academy, so once I did the word problems in the Khan academy, it was a little tricky that it took me more time to finish those assignments. However I can overcome those problems and be able to explain my friends which make me feel so proud and impress. Also, help explaining other people makes me feel so happy when they understand the problems and this also inspired me to keep enjoying learning math. So the last lesson that we had for this round is angles and I feel this is not really difficult for me because I had learned many times before.

Multimedia – Round 4

In multimedia class this round is almost the same as last round because we’re still learning about Python programming language. However, this round we’ve did many exercise in CodeClub. In all of those exercises, I didn’t have much problems with writing the code because the code had been provided already and I can just follow the instruction that they provided. For me, It doesn’t matter if i can write all of those codes by myself or not but my goal is to just understand all of the codes and see how much did I learn from it. For example, I’ve did the RPG assignment and there are many code that provided for me already and i just have to follow the instruction and try to understand those codes. Though, it was hard to understand at the first time as it was so messy, i tried to look through it one by one with patient. When, it comes to the place that i didn’t  know or struggling to understand, i always asked my friends because this is an independent work. So, there was no teacher and I have to learned, figure out things by myself and use the resources that I have. From this exercise, I’ve learned that next time when I open the code and see many code like this exercise, I won’t be so stress and get confuse by that, I have to look at it slowly and try to understand one by one or else i will run into the problems. Overall, this round had taught me a lot, not only coding skill or lessons but also some life skills that i would need in the future.

Literacy- Round 3

Each round, we have a different theme for literacy class. This round our theme is Search For Identity. We did some writing, one is about my name that was inspired by Esperanza in “ The House On Mango Street ” book. We wrote about our own name, where is it come from, what is the meaning, do we like it or would we like to change our name and more. Despite, we wrote a poem about “I Am From” which was inspired by George Ella Lyon and this is also her poem’s template. After that, we started studying novel book, which we divided into different teams and read different books. For my group, we read “Looking For Alaska”. This book is kind of mature than my age, however, I will get through it. Not only reading but also we have discussion in group every week on Monday. In the discussion, we also have different roles such as Sumarizeer, Visualizer, Symbolizer, Inferencer and last which is Word detective. Overall, this was a really nice round and reading novel books is also my passion.

Below is my writing that I did this round: 

I am From Poem

My Name

STEM- Round 3

Basically, in this round, our topic is more related to Chemistry which we learned about Carbon.  In this topic, we learned about the properties of carbon, hydrocarbon, and Carbon & living things which is the Carbon Cycle. I had learned many new terms in the Carbon Cycle which are respiration, combustion and more. During class, we did many activities in groups and what I remembered the most is answering 10 questions about the Carbon Cycle. For all these questions, I thought they’are kind of hard, however, we still did it. Along with this, we also did an experiment called Black Snake Experiment. For this experiment, we only use baking soda and sugar mixture and fuel to ignite the reaction. When the baking soda gets hot, it will produce carbon dioxide which is the black piece like a snake. After we did the experiment, our assignment was to write a lab report for this experiment and this was my first time writing the lab report. Finally, this experiment is fun, simple and I also understand more from this experiment.


Multimedia- Round 3

 For the past weeks, we started learning deeply into programming, we took a lesson on “Python” which is a type of programming language and the conditions. In the first week of the round, we Learned about Python’s simple Conditionals such as Booleans, Comparisons, Indentation, If statement, Elif statement, Else statement, And, Or, Not. After that, we learned more deeply into Python For loop which is Break Statement, Continue Statement and range function. First, I felt that it’s fun, simple and not that hard, however, as we go further I didn’t feel like that anymore because it went harder and harder than it was. As we learned more conditions, there are more lines of code that we have to write. Also, it’s more difficult, sometimes, It took me so much time and I still couldn’t solve it and I felt so stressed. However, I still get through it because the teacher help explained as well as my friend. Even though it’s hard but at the same time, I found that I’ve learned a lot. Also, we practice on Codecademy whenever we finished having a lesson about it and we have assignments on Codeboard every week. To sum up, this has been a great and tough round also.

Math- Round 3

Math is always been my favorite class. In this round, we received a new workbook which is 5B. So far, I’ve been learning about the Decimal chapter, including, converting from fraction to decimal, from decimal to fraction, round the decimal, estimate the value and last the four operations which are addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Besides that, we took a lesson on the binary number as well because it related to decimal. I’ve known about the binary number a little bit before as the teacher had introduced us since the first year at Liger. We did some group activities about this lesson and also played a game about it which was so fun. No matter we received a new book, started a new round, but we still did exercises in a group and besides that, we did some old and new group activities as usual. The reason is that as you all know that collaboration and teamwork is the important skill of our future. I think that’s all we’ve learned in math class this round, and I feel like this round seems too short as we didn’t get to learned much lessons.


Indigenous Community Exploration-Round 3

     Indigenous Community is an exploration that studies about some indigenous communities in Cambodia. Specifically, we had learned two indigenous communities which are “Kui” ( Preah Vihear ) and “Stieng” ( Kratie ). In these two communities, We learned about their culture, daily life, the people, their beliefs, education, the ceremonies in their community and more. The goal of this exploration is to promote and preserve their people and cultures to Cambodian as well as to the world. Not only this, but this exploration is also want us to improve interviewing skills, writing skills, designing skill, as well as video skill.  By the end of this exploration, we aimed to have two products finished which are a book for Kui indigenous community and a video for Stieng community. So, we divided into two groups also, some students work on a book of Kui community and some students work on a video of Stieng community.

In order to have these products finished, we had a trip to Kratie and Preah Vihear provinces for 2 nights and three days to do research and seeking for the information. After the trip, we collected all of the information to put into the book and the video. For the students that responsible for the video, they started work on the video, editing, and include the subtitle into the video. For the students that responsible for the book, we started writing in English and Khmer and input it into software for designing a book which is Adobe Indesign. As you know that our exploration has only seven weeks and we had only 2 or 3 weeks left to create this book before Sharation so that we had to rush and what I am really proud to myself and other teammate is that it took us only 1 day to complete the whole book. Moreover, to improve the quality of the book we took another trip to Preah Vihear province for a night to verify the information with the people there.

Finally, By having this exploration I’ve learned about Kui and Stieng Indigenous a lot, including the people, they are very kind and I think I had impacted their community by creating these two products for them.