“Fully Algebra!”

Math Class: This is our first round of math class for this NEW school year! And still, Math is always my most favorite subject out of all. However, this year is a little bit different from last year. We are now fully covering lesson on Algebra for this entire year. This might seems a bit difficult and frustrating, however, I really love it.
Studying Algebra is very challenging and that’s what really push myself to try harder and to even think more critically. Also, mostly, we learn and do exercise independently in Khan Academy . If we are curious about any lessons, we’ll discuss it with teacher as a whole class. However, as I’m a person who love independent studying, so when sometimes teacher talk too much, it kind of feel boring. Even though, I like to work independently, however, this class has taught me to work and collaborate more with my classmates. Whenever, we have challenge problems, we’re always trying to solve for that together. Working as a team is splendid, but also being able to understand how to do it individually even when we’re working in team is what matters me most.
Lastly, this year’s math class is totally different from last year and I can’t criticize any teachers who teach this because they both have their own uniqueness and I’m desire to learn more New things, take on New Challenges and develop many skills throughout the year!

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