“Creating Books For Cambodian Children!”- Khmer Children’s Literature Exploration

What have we been doing in this exploration?
Well, Khmer Children Literature is an exploration which we create books for young Cambodian children that consists of both Khmer and English language. The reason this exploration  happen is because we believe that reading at a younger ages will get many advantages and it would has a greater influence on children. By the end of this exploration, we hope these books that we’ve created create a positive impact on young Cambodian children. We’re planning to publish 6 books within this round which incorporate 6 different core values each because we think that just having the book entertaining is not good enough unless it contains a theme or message along with.
I’m so grateful to be part of this exploration as I get to publish children book which is rarely have in Cambodia. Also, designing book is what I’m really passionate about and i’m trying all my best to produce this book with a good quality. What I’m really proud of by participating in this exploration is that Cambodia lack of books for children, that’s why we would like to create young children books for them and hope to change the parents perspective of reading books to their children at young ages. Promote parents to read books to their children at younger ages.
What are the challenges in creating this book?
At first, I assumed that creating books for children is not going to be that difficult, well it is not as complex as adult books however the biggest challenge is the illustration part. We spent the first 2 weeks on brainstorming and writing and the rest of the entire round on illustrating. However, it didn’t seem bored at all. 

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