Learning is never easy at first until you’ve practiced more than twice! (Rate,Coordinate graph, Introduction to Algebra)

This round, we finally finished 5B textbook and I’m totally excited to learn new book. We had covered two big units which are Rate, Algebra and Coordinate graph. I felt like this round was kind of tough because it’s the end of the year and we had many things going on. These units made me felt really headache sometimes. Rate unit is the unit that I had struggled the most as it’s so tricky and there are many units. Sometimes I didn’t really get it but I tried to understand it by myself. So,after practicing some exercises, I understood and learned more from my mistakes. This happened the same thing like coordinate graph unit. The last unit that we had covered this year was the introduction to algebra because next year we’ll deeper into algebra. In addition, it’s one of the units that uses many strategies and techniques and it’s a mix letter math unit. To me, when I first introduced to algebra, i felt that it’s difficult but after practicing many exercises I realized that it’s now my favorite unit to learn. “No matter how many times you’ll learn, the best consequences you’ll get is to PRACTICE!”. 

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