Khmer Literature And Culture Festival

On May 24th, our school was hosting a big event called Khmer Literature and Culture festival which the goal is to preserve and share about Khmer literature and Khmer culture to different people and students in Cambodia. Not only Cambodian people but also foreigners could join and learn about our culture. There were many participants from different schools in Phnom Penh and outside of Phnom Penh. on that day, both the first and second cohort involved in this event and there were many booth present in differents places. They were about literature during Khmer Rouge regime, Khmer traditional gears, Khmer songs, Khmer literature history and more. There were also some competitions, including writing Khmer short story, Khmer poem, doing debate and public speaking in Khmer. Along with this, there were some performances such as Khmer Dances and what was really interesting is that there was also a Khmer Clothes Revolution fashion walk showed by both cohorts. For me, I took part as a booth presenter for Geography book of Cambodia and help the first cohort to organize the event as they were the main committee for organizing the event. Overall, I think this is such a great event for other Cambodians to continue keep doing since it’s an event to share the knowledge about Khmer literature and culture to other people as well as preserving this for the next generation to know about our culture. Also, this is an amazing experience for me to learn from and try to make it happening again in the future. I hope that after joining the event, the students will walk away with getting new experiences and learn something new too.

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