First experience Writing a HOW TO Essay and Taking my second WIDA Test!

     In english literacy class this round, is when we took our second WIDA test. I’m really proud of my result and it showed how much improvement I’ve growth since last year. I discovered many new words. As always, we did some writing and study novel book. After we finished, we shared what we’ve learned to the classmates. For the writing, the topic this round is How to be happy when… (How To Essay). Below is my How to essay and I hope you’ll learn new things after reading this, Please enjoy!

                               How to be happy when you experience failure

      Who has never experienced failure in their entire life? The answer is “No one”. Failure is something that everyone faces in their lifetime. When you fail, you might feel sad and feel down and sometimes, you don’t even know how you can respond to that problem. However, remember that failure is not the thing that will define who you are or determine your future, like once Bill Gates said “ I fail in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of the Microsoft”.This quote shows that even though you don’t pass in all of the subjects in the exam, it isn’t going to determine your future, like this owner of Microsoft. As the matter of fact, failures has a diversity of benefits but it’s just that you didn’t recognize it. According to listed 7 benefits of failure and one of those is “Failure Inspires Creative Solutions”, Which I​​ ​​​​​truly agree with this statement because as you’ve experience failure, you’ll be inspired to find a more creative solution to the problem that you had faced. Below are the steps that you can follow in order to be happy when you experience failure 

  1. Consider it as an experience : According to WikiHow, it states, “ Try to consider it a learning experiences.” which means that If you fail, it’s not your fault just because it’s an experience for you to develop and improve yourself in the next day. Just learn from your fault, see how you can improve and do better next time. Imagine, if you won’t fail today, you won’t challenge yourself to be better in the future. 
  2. Share it to people who you trust : In this way, you can share it with people that you trust because this will help to release your stress, your sadness. Sometimes, they might give you good ideas or can share your sadness. Just remember that don’t try to keep many things to yourself if you think you can’t handle it.
  3. Accept your mistake : Always try to figure out your mistakes and learn to accept it with an open heart or else you’ll never feel happy about it, you’ll never accept that you’re wrong and you won’t work hard on improving yourself. Moreover, when you’ve found out about what is your mistake and why you’re wrong, ask yourself a question “ how can I improve it and do better next time? ”  I believe that this will make you feel happier. 
  4. Be optimistic : Think positively and appreciate of your fault today because it might be the path that leads you to success. Otherwise, you won’t challenge yourself to be better. Also, remember that no one is perfect even the professors or the founders of big companies, but once they fail, they learn from all those mistakes and ask themselves that how can they make it better next time. 


     As you’ve read all the steps above, you might feel that it’s hard to follow and it’s too much to do. However, I’ve tried this and it’s really effective. I guarantee that you’ll be happier with your failure after practicing all these steps. Remember that failing is okay and by failing, you’ll acquire the new experiences and gain the advantages from them.  If you fail today, it doesn’t mean that you’ll fail tomorrow! 


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