Ecotourism Exploration

       Community Based Ecotourism exploration have been happening for two rounds already and I’ve involved in this exploration in the second round. In this exploration, we studied about what CBET is and the goal is to develop a CBET site in Kui Indigenous community in Bankernphal Village, Romtom Commune, Rovieng District, Preah Vihear Province. Actually, this idea comes from Indigenous exploration that studied about Kui indigenous community since the round before that. 

       In the first round of this exploration, we were more focused on the market survey which we went out to different places in Phnom Penh to survey visitors, mostly foreigners, whether they would want to visit our sites or not. So far, we have surveyed 255 tourists and the results that we got is 97% of them would want to visit our place if it happen. For the second round, we focused on feasibility study whether the place is feasible to be developed as a community based ecotourism. To study this, we took a 5 days and 4 nights trip to the community and we mostly camped in the forest since we needed to assess several places in the forest. After assessing all of the places, the result that we got is the place is feasible to be developed as a CBET. 

     As a conclusion, learning and exploring about Community Based Ecotourism was splendid and I got to spend time in nature more than other explorations and I can say it’s an amazing adventure. In addition, this exploration play a role in providing a positive impact on the community such as conserving forest and wildlife and providing income to the community so that they would have a higher living standard. Not only this, it will influence over 800 people. 

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