STEM – Round 4

       Previously, in stem class, we had cover some lessons about chemistry of solution, acid & bases and motion. We’ve made rock candy which is a water solution of sugar and water. However, my team’s rock candy wasn’t successfully created.  After a few days later, when we looked at it again, it didn’t become a rock candy, we fail. I was a little bit disappointed but after we found out about our mistake that we put too much water. I felt better now so that next time i can improve and do better. Along with this, I’ve did many experiments and wrote a lab report as always. Not only this, we had cover a motion lesson and different types of motions such as acceleration, distance and direction. We’ve did an activity which is building a bottle car with balloon to understand more about the concept. From this activity, i’ve learned how that car move and what make it move faster or slower. Overall, this had been a great round and my most favorite part is doing the experiment and i wish i could do more of that.

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