Indigenous Community Exploration-Round 3

     Indigenous Community is an exploration that studies about some indigenous communities in Cambodia. Specifically, we had learned two indigenous communities which are “Kui” ( Preah Vihear ) and “Stieng” ( Kratie ). In these two communities, We learned about their culture, daily life, the people, their beliefs, education, the ceremonies in their community and more. The goal of this exploration is to promote and preserve their people and cultures to Cambodian as well as to the world. Not only this, but this exploration is also want us to improve interviewing skills, writing skills, designing skill, as well as video skill.  By the end of this exploration, we aimed to have two products finished which are a book for Kui indigenous community and a video for Stieng community. So, we divided into two groups also, some students work on a book of Kui community and some students work on a video of Stieng community.

In order to have these products finished, we had a trip to Kratie and Preah Vihear provinces for 2 nights and three days to do research and seeking for the information. After the trip, we collected all of the information to put into the book and the video. For the students that responsible for the video, they started work on the video, editing, and include the subtitle into the video. For the students that responsible for the book, we started writing in English and Khmer and input it into software for designing a book which is Adobe Indesign. As you know that our exploration has only seven weeks and we had only 2 or 3 weeks left to create this book before Sharation so that we had to rush and what I am really proud to myself and other teammate is that it took us only 1 day to complete the whole book. Moreover, to improve the quality of the book we took another trip to Preah Vihear province for a night to verify the information with the people there.

Finally, By having this exploration I’ve learned about Kui and Stieng Indigenous a lot, including the people, they are very kind and I think I had impacted their community by creating these two products for them.

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