Stem Class- Round 2

In stem class, this round, we basically learned about chemistry related to periodic table, chemical bonding, and starting on chemical reactions lesson. We also did some experiments to see how it works. In periodic table lesson, we studied about:

      • how elements are organized,        

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      • The periods and groups
      • The three classic of elements which are metal, metalloid or semifinal and nonmetal.
      • The inventor of the periodic table Dmitri Mendeleev and how he arranged the periodic table and the changes over time.
      • The chemical bonding, which we learned about:
      • The importance of bonding        

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      • Covalent bonding: 
      • Single covalent
      • Double covalent
      • Triple covalent
      • Polar & nonpolar
      • Ionic bonding
      • Metallic bonding




Overall, this round I’ve gain a lot of knowledge mostly about chemistry, the periodic table and chemical bonding.

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